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The Ghost Trail Tour

The Ghost Trail Tour

Death on the diamond diggers and later during the Anglo-Boer War gave Kimberley many haunted corners. So too did failed romance and other downright gory deaths, lke a huge fire in theold De Beers Mine in which hundreds of miners perished. Today, the shivering facts and fallacies about ghostly visitations are packed in a fun and entertaining guided ghost trail.

Kimberley has many genuine stories of ghost sightings in haunted places. The trail starts at the imposing Honoured Dead Memorial. Heart-stopping facts – and fallacies – about ghostly visitations in the Diamond City are revealed during this entertaining guided night-time tour of Kimberley. Guides lead you to some of the reputedly haunted corners of Kimberley that include the Kimberley Regiment’s Drill Hall; the Kimberley Club, SA School of Mines, Rhodes’ Boardroom and Rudd House – an archetypal haunted house. The tour ends just before the clock announces the bewitching hour at the grave of the Frankensteins in the Gladstone Cemetery. There are several alternative Ghost tours available, including a walking tour of the haunted city centre, as well as a visit to Magersfontein battlefield at night where perhaps one may see the swinging lanterns of the stretcher bearers and hear the ghostly bagpipes. Several battlefield graveyards are also visited on this unique tour.
1. Kimberley Club.
2. Daisy De Melker’s sister’s house, where she used to stay when she visited.
3. Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers Mining Company Boardroom.
4. Kimberley Regiment’s Drill Hall.
5. Rudd House.
6. Girls’ High School.
7. McGregor Museum.
8. Honoured Dead Memorial.

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