59 Milner, Belgravia, Kimberley, 8301


The Diamond Diggers Tour

Kimberley has some of the oldest and deepest diamond mines in the world, where miners worked a kilometre into the womb of mother earth. Today’s modern mining methods coupled with the intricate diamond extraction process has yielded untold wealth. At the Open Mine Museum and the famous “Big Hole” you will taste the ancient Kimberlite dust and relive the digging process of yesteryear while getting to know more about the hectic diamond rush of a century ago.

The new and improved Open Mine boasts an internationaly recognised display of diamonds, anew 20 minute movie and a fantastically designed viewing platform. After whetting your appetite at the infamous Occidental Bar, you’ll depart for the diamond diggings to experience living history first-hand at one of the many alluvial diggings on the outskirts of Kimberley where there are still diggers chasing fortune with only pick and shovel! The latter part of the tour may only be done with an accredited tourist guide as South African mining laws forbid unannounced entry into mining areas.

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